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Tax law dictionary

The book also gives you extensive cross-references to IRC material and Treasury regulations, plus detailed appendixes. Use it free!West's Tax Law Dictionary provides a working knowledge of over 6,000 important tax terms, words, and phrases commonly used in modern American tax law. What is TAX?. edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. com online Real Life Dictionary of the Law. Legal Dictionary. The dictionary follows its own form of citation. ABUSE OF LAW --The doctrine which allows the tax The Law Dictionary features Black's Law Dictionary, the trusted legal dictionary of law definitions and terms for over 100 years. means the Income Tax (Guernsey) Law, 1975c, Definition of income tax law income tax law means the Income Tax (Guernsey) Law, 1975c, Sample 1 income tax law means the law in force in Malaysia regulating income tax; Sample 1 Next page → Related Definitions Law. a governmental assessment (charge) upon property value, transactions (transfers and sales), licenses granting a right, and/or income. One of the most important uses About TheLaw. If tax is levied on the price of a good or service, then it is called an indirect tax. . It is form commonly recognized and used by legal professionals throughout the United States. 401(k) PlanALM's Law. Academia. 107 likes. First published in 1891, Black's Law Dictionary is considered by many to be the premier reference for legal terms and quotations. The purpose of taxation is to finance government expenditure. The 2nd edition has over 15K legal terms for your business and research use. n. tax. The Tax Law Terminology Glossary gives you access to definitions for legal terminology commonly used in tax law relatedDisclaimer: Explanations on the terms are very condensed and may not be complete. The easiest-to-read, most user-friendly guide to legal terms. In a general sense, a tax is any contribution imposed by government upon individuals, for the use and service of the state, whether under the name of toll, tribute, tallage, gabel, impost, duty, custom, excise, subsidy, aid, supply, or other name. They are not considered to necessarily reflect official position of the OECD in interpreting international tax terms, for example, in the tax treaty context. Dan Packel As they push to expand their lawsuit, the six named plaintiffs have also added new testimony to support tax collection tax collector tax credit tax cut tax deduction tax evasion tax form tax haven tax hike tax income tax law tax liability tax lien tax policy tax program tax rate tax return tax revenue tax shelter tax system tax write-offInheritance tax, estate tax, and death tax or duty are the names given to various taxes which arise on the death of an individual. Providing legal help, information, legal forms and advice to the general public. If tax is levied directly on personal or corporate income, then it is a direct tax. Wests Tax Law Dictionary Epub Format Sep 13, 2019 - Arthur Hailey Ltd Wests Tax Law Dictionary Provides A Working Knowledge Of Over 6000 Important Tax Terms Words And Phrases Commonly Used In Modern AmericanDefine income tax law. This Tax Law glossary will help you understand the legal terms and phrases which are relevant to IRS audits, tax deductions, and other areas of tax law. Gain from the sale of collectibles and, generally, the taxable part of your gain from the sale of qualified small business stock held more than 5 years. com. means the ‘Inland Revenue Acts’ as defined in section 3 of the Tax Administration Act of 1994 (New Zealand) and includes all regulations, determinations and rulings passed or …tax: A fee charged ("levied") by a government on a product, income, or activity. Attempting to understand legal jargon? The Tax Law glossary gives you access to definitions for legal terminology commonly used in tax law related documents, and court proceedings. The main source of TheFreeDictionary's legal dictionary is West's Encyclopedia of American Law, Edition 2, which contains more than 4,000 entries detailing terms, concepts, events, movements, cases, and individuals significant to United States law. com In Jones Day Gender Bias Case, Plaintiffs Pursue Collective Action. In United States tax law, there is a distinction between an estate tax and an inheritance tax: the former taxes the personal representatives of the deceased, while the latter taxes the beneficiaries of the estate Define NZ Tax Law. These include Federal and state income taxes, county and city taxes on real property, state and/or local sales tax based on a percentage of each retail transaction, duties on imports from foreign countries, business licenses, Federal tax (and some states Understanding tax terms can make tax preparation less stressful. The legal dictionary also incorporates The People's Law Dictionary, by renowned authorities Gerald and Kathleen Hill. Tax Law Dictionary. A legal resource for attorneys, business professionals and the average person to find self help with the law. Use TaxAct's Tax Dictionary to help clarify any confusion while filing taxes. 0-9 28% rate gain

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